Omatta Project

University student allowances

Scholarships were awarded to students from families struggling with day-to-day finances to enable them to pursue higher education studies at local universities. Students studying management,engineering and medical science were helped throughout their four to five years in higher education.

One success story is that of an engineering student who finished his higher education successfully and has been able to find a good job in Sri Lanka.

    Funding tuition fees and stationery for students in primary and secondary education

    During 2018, financial assistance was provided to several students from families with limited means so they could attend tuition classes to support their primary and secondary education.

    Families believe these classes play a vital role in their children achieving academic success and this was borne out by a notable year-on-year improvement in students' results.

    Several students were also helped through the provision of essential stationery for their primaryeducations.

    In addition, a laptop computer was donated to the nursery school at Omatta to introduce pupils to modern technology.

      Omatta Temple renovation work

      The renovation of the Omatta Temple was a major project in 2018 and one warmly endorsed by local people. Urgent repair work was planned and carried out following discussions with the monk of the temple.

      Provision of tuition classes

      Tuition classes are provided to children in the Omatta area in order to improve their educationalattainment.

      More than 25 students are currently attending Grade 5 scholarship classes supporting them to move to a school with better facilities and to take advantage of available government subsidies.

      In addition, classes for mathematics and science are being put on for students in Grades 7 to 10 to prepare them for O level examinations while classes in English and IT are also being provided, lifting attainment levels over the past year.

      There are two levels of English classes focusing on grammar and the spoken language; in IT, a basic course focuses on the Microsoft Office package and Internet use while an advance course focuses on graphic design, web design and programming to help students pursue a career in the field of IT.

      Foundation's positive impact

      The principal of Omatta Junior School, Jinadari Brahmana, described the Lotus Foundation as "aglittering star shining for the sake of needy children".

      In a letter of thanks, he said the arrival of the foundation had transformed the whole villagecommunity through its support of the school as well as youngsters from needy families.

      Gifted children who had reached the level to study for A levels were now given scholarships if their families could not afford their education.

      Meanwhile, younger children from similar backgrounds were able to study for O levels with the help of monthly allowances.

      Pupils across the whole school were benefiting from evening tuition classes in maths, science, English and IT held in a local temple.

      The foundation had funded a new multi-purpose building complex to provide the school with more quality space for teaching.

      Improvements to the school meant there had been a steady rise in its number of pupils.

        Contributions to Army Services

        We have been supporting Army Services personnel and their families, particularly disabled servicemen. This has been well received.

          School Development Omatta February 2018

          The Lotus Foundation is planning to undertake a project to build a two storey building in the junior school for use as a library. After an initial discussion with the school principal, teachers and the students, the foundation understood the importance of a library to the school.

          Daya Thayan and his wife Sumi and the staff in Sri Lanka will be involved in a ceremony to install the foundation stone in February 2019 when the construction will officially start. The expected budget for the project is LKR 10 - 12 million.